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Candy Dinner

A comedy podcast about comedy.
May 2013
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Ify and Matt are reunited and let each other know what they've been up to. They discuss the LA indie improv festival, Portland, and how Matt spent all of his money. While talking about the Del Close Marathon (http://www.delclosemarathon.com/dcm15/) Ify introduces #amandawatch and hopes to get her on the podcast while in New York. Matt is finally finished with school for the semester and ready to kick it into gear with comedy. Cassi has a show tomorrow at Flappers and Ify has on Friday.

Cassi's Show (http://flapperscomedy.com/site/index.php?pg=showdetail_page&meetid=014dc70e1097778&id=24245)

Ify's Show (http://flapperscomedy.com/site/index.php?pg=showdetail_page&meetid=014c644030bf85e&id=16515)

Flappers Comedy Club (http://www.flapperscomedy.com)

Ify on Twitter (@thatblcknerd)

Matt ib Twitter(@mattapodaca)

Have a great week!

May 2013
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This week Bill Kottkamp (http://www.youtube.com/user/billkottkamp) and Erika Heidewald (http://erikaheidewald.tumblr.com/) sit in and battle for the position of stand in co-host. They talk comedy, Tumblr, and race. Erika has tons of opinions and Bill has tons of bits. Also discussed, are Ify and Erika's near-death experiences. You will laugh, you will cry, you will be happy you listened to the latest episode of Candy Dinner.

Audio Note: Ify forgot he was in the back of the car and didn't project his voice quite loud enough. Sorry!

email: candydinnercast@gmail.com

Apr 2013
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Matt's scholastic endeavors has forced him to be continually absent and away from his co-hosting duties, so Ify has taken it upon his self to try and find another co-host. He'll search far and wide to discover the next Matt! Today he had Stevie Palmer audition for Matt's position. Stevie is  a former intern for Comedy Central, they discuss her job, how to pitch shows at Comedy Central, and her possible case of Stockholm syndrome. They also exchange public transit stories and Stevie explains how she stays so cool. This is a really fun episode and you're in for a good time, so buckle up and grab some candy!

Apr 2013
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Matt chats it up with Annie Saunders in a car without Ify! It's a fun ride, be sure to buckle up!

Apr 2013
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Matt and Ify finally sit down and answer some long awaited questions from listeners.

Apr 2013
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Ify takes a hike while Matt takes over the show with Cassi J and Michael Rosenbaum of Two Turtledoves and Puppet Mayhem. Going over the usual hilarious topics until it takes a turn for the depressed when Matt eats a delicious cookie and starts to feel sad about school. All of your favorite antics and more on your new Candy Dinner podcast!

Mar 2013
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In today's episode it gets rowdy! Eric Hollerbach guests and has opinions about people! We go through a Tommy's drive-thru and they manage to piss off Ify just like Taco Bell. Eric talks about his experiences in UCB NY and how he ended up moving to Los Angeles, he also has a bone to pick with Blaire Byhower of Cherry Spitz among a plethora (two more) of people he has it out for. Ify talks about how he accidentally ended up in a gay bar and how he was unable to flirt his way into a free drink, and  Matt continues to be hack. Enjoy your Candy Dinner!





Mar 2013
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Ify and Matt return to your ears, starting off with a story about racism at an early age. Then when the boys try to take a quick detour to Taco Bell for a bit, all hell breaks loose! The episode then segues into an interview with Josh Nicols, the founder of Spectacles Improv Engine. Spectacles Improv Engine is one of the only places in Orange County that brings you different teams and styles of improv comedy weekly under one roof, but Josh isn't stopping there, he's building a dream. Make sure you listen to them discuss his dream over a delicious pizza.





Mar 2013
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In this bonus episode of Candy Dinner, Ify creates mobile studio beta and chats it up with Cassi. A San Diego native female comic who garnered a love for comedy early in her life. They discuss such topics as, her love for SNL, being a female comic, and how she ventured to Los Angeles. They go back and forth about their acting and comedy careers, bringing up the many ups and downs of these career paths. It's a really fun episode, so we hope you enjoy it!

Mar 2013
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Due to technical difficulties that will be explained in episode #12, we have had this episode in the can for three weeks. We should be back to our regular schedule from now on.